Brett Bean

Brett Bean makes stuff up for a living, be it character, creature, story, or place. He currently runs his own business, Drawn To It Studios, LLC, where he creates original content and provides outsourcing for companies big and small. He also creates puppet designs for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

He has illustrated the 18 chapter books in the successful children’s book series Beasts of Olympus, published by Penguin Random House, and Battle Bugs, published by Scholastic. He was the lead designer for Disney XD’s show Slugterra.

His work as an illustrator, writer, cartoonist, designer, and teacher has been featured in films, television shows, video games, comic books, card and board games, and children’s books.

He has had the good fortune to work with Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Riot Games, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Marvel Studios, Penguin Books, Scholastic, and more. He is happily married to a redhead and happily devoted to their redheaded son. They reside, play pickleball, volleyball, and soak up the sun in Los Angeles.

One of Brett’s favorite words is “chortle,” and he adores traveling and Tom Waits. He also ate a mopane worm in Africa . . . and it was gross. Each year, he makes several stops at conventions, and he gives talks and workshops on a fairly regular basis.