Literature for Life is a nonprofit program to benefit Los Angeles’s middle and high school students organized by the arts and education nonprofit, Light Bringer Project. We publish up to two issues, annually. Each issue features 8-15 original illustrations. Although we are not limited to Los Angeles area artists, the majority of works featured are local. We are committed to quality and diversity in our selections, and representing a broad range of voices. The selected works will be available in each online journal for the world to view. The artwork and stories are accompanied by curriculum developed for middle, high school, and college teachers to use in the classroom.

Literature for Life is an open source literary journal. Teachers can teach and use Literature for Life stories and illustrations in the classroom without requesting permission or paying for the privilege. Literature for Life copyrights all of our online content, and the digital copies of selected artwork may be distributed and used for designed content as Literature for Life sees fit. Although artists retain ownership of the original artwork, Literature for Life regularly exhibits artwork from our journal in fundraisers where artists give a portion of proceeds from sales to support the nonprofit.

Artists interested in having their work appear in Literature for Life may submit their online portfolios for review by the Artistic Director, Scott Gandell. Once selected, artists will be assigned one or more stories (and sometimes have the option of choosing the story they will illustrate). Artwork must be age (middle school and above) and classroom use appropriate and relevant to the stories. Artists may be asked to make revisions to their work before a final piece is accepted.

Guidelines & Artist Stipends:

* Submission guidelines for artwork are shared once the artist is selected. Generally, artwork must be appropriate for use in a public high school classroom, though we do encourage boldness and creativity. Please review artwork from Issues 4 and 5 for an idea of the range of work we’re currently featuring.

* Artists are asked to submit a portfolio for review prior to selection and are then assigned one or more stories to illustrate. If you are interested in being a Literature for Life artist, send your portfolio link to Artistic Director Scott Gandell at [email protected]

* Artists selected to appear in each issue will receive a $100 stipend per artwork.