Literature for Life is an open source literary journal and educational resource for teachers. Each issue contains short stories, poems, articles and more, mostly by local, contemporary authors. The written work is accompanied by original illustrations by local artists created just for the stories and original curriculum that meets the California Common Core Standards. The stories vary in grade level appropriateness from Middle School up to the College level.

Literature for Life also provides opportunities to post students’ written work (responses to the stories and original stories) on our site, refine our curriculum based on teacher feedback, hold professional development workshops, facilitate classroom visits by Literature for Life authors and illustrators, and more.

Here’s an overview of resources that teachers can expect from Literature for Life:

  • New, contemporary works published twice, annually. These works are written primarily by Los Angeles area authors and reflect Los Angeles’s diversity of voices and regions. The works are appropriate for Middle School through College aged students—with grade level indicators accompanying each work.
  • Online and downloadable versions of each story and its curriculum will be available on the website.
  • Original artwork accompanies each written work and can be incorporated into lesson plans.
  • Curriculum can be viewed online or downloaded for each written work. The curriculum includes reading questions, writing exercises, vocabulary, suggestions for creative activities and field trips, complementary classic texts to study, and more.
  • Opportunities for professional development for using Literature for Life in the classroom.
  • Opportunities to host Literature for Life’s contributing writers and artists in the classroom.