by Tina Pasadena

Elemental is my Essence
Books were my First Love

Magical & Mystical, they Conjure and Entreat
Language and Linguistics, Lingo and Lexicon
Syntax and Diction

A passionate procrastinator, reluctant to write, hesitant to dive down
the rabbit hole and uneager to unpack the box marked fragile

It takes bravery to be a writer; you’re exposed and vulnerable
Once released, that wisely worded, meticulously edited text becomes
open to interpretation, and judgement and criticism;
all the while, ready to be embraced, and endeared

Speaking your truth is complicated, but silence is oppression.
If you don’t pen your own legacy, who will?

Writing is a full body experience
You’ll know you’re doing it right when you start to cry
That’s when you snatch up that wound and bare down on that bitch
Cuz we gotta story to tell