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January 13, 2023
Comic Writer Josh Trujillo on the New Superheroes

When Josh Trujillo was a kid eagerly snatching up every new comic, there were no Latino or gay superheroes. Now, comic fans can read about the adventures of Blue Beetle and Aaron Fischer.

Blue Beetle was created in 1939 and has had a variety of publishers. In the 3rd iteration by DC Comics, Blue Beetle is Mexican-American teenager Jaime Reyes and Josh is honored to be one of the writers for this character. He also suggested, and then persisted in convincing DC Comics to publish a Spanish version of Blue Beetle.

Josh was a member of the trio in 2021 that created the character of Aaron Fischer, the first teen, gay Captain America published by Marvel. Josh is very proud to be contributing to the breaking of norms and creating characters that mirror our society. He’s eager to see who of this current generation of students expands the comic universe even more.

On January 13, 2023, as part of the Locavore Lit LA guest speaker program, Josh visited students at Fairfax High School. He shared his background, creative journey, and his passions. Josh emphasized to the students that they can all become comic artists or writers by staying patient, persistent and professional, as he relied on these attributes to help him find his voice and place in his creative industry, to weather a decade of highs and lows, and be prepared for the doors that opened along the way. Josh is delighted to report that he does, now, feel established and grounded in his profession and enjoys a consistency of job opportunities that continue to excite and challenge, stirring his imagination and sparking his creativity.

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