Student Testimonials

“I liked seeing the passion light up in each author’s eyes when they got to talk about what they love; that will stick with me.”

“One of the most memorable moments was when an author was talking about how he has dyslexia but still became a writer. The reason why it’s so memorable to me is because I also have dyslexia and I like to write and read just like him. So him saying he has dyslexia but still became a writer means a lot to me.”

“I learned that you don’t have to go through a traditional route to get to where you want to be.”

“I learned that a lot of these authors related to us a lot. I realized something every time someone came. They all somehow related to us. Especially Jerry I can’t remember his last time unfortunately, but he went to Foshay as well. I thought that the speakers were very cool in that way.”

“One of the most memorable for me was this one author who visited a year or 2 ago he came into the class and explained a poem; it spoke of Zoot suits and racism, but nonetheless it was a very interesting moment.”

”I appreciated all of the speakers. Some things that more readily come to mind were Nik’s engagement with the class and their essential question for the day: “What Is Poetry?”…Also, Raghu’s presentation flow and Gary Phillips stories and writing craft ideas…. There are many paths in a writing journey.”

“The most memorable moment was probably when Gary Phillips talked to us. I really enjoyed listening to him speak about his childhood, living in South LA, and what his writing style is.”

“My favorite and memorable experience was with Abel and how he talked about growing up in the streets.”

’I enjoyed hearing their experiences and learning from what they have been through. A memorable quote that I like is “Learn from others mistakes and lessons because life it too short for you to make all of them.”

“Meeting Christian, and finding out he was a Fairfax student! Seeing that someone that went to the same school I attend went off to do such amazing things was really inspiring…. I learned that we all have a story to tell, and even if we don’t think it’s that interesting, someone else will!”

“My most memorable moment from one of the author visits was when we were in 11th Grade, when Susan Straight visited our class (before the pandemic) I remember her being so sweet and caring to the whole class, that she even gave away a novel written by her “Highwire Moon” to the whole class, and she even signed the book for us. I even have the book till this day. I appreciate her so much for doing that, even though she didn’t have to.”

May 24, 2021
Dear Angelina and Alexis,

I cannot say thank you enough for all the various unique opportunities you’ve managed to provide us with. I have never seen someone go out of their way to provide a class with opportunities such as these. Some days, the different guest speakers and virtual field trips were the things that made me excited to even go to class. These opportunities also allowed me to explore the different art-based careers and secondary education paths for people looking into going into art. Thank you so much!

Trish P.
Fairfax High School
Ms. Kim’s AP Art Class

May 25, 2021
Dear Angelina and Alexis,

As a junior in high school, I was looking forward to seeing what this year had in store for me. Unfortunately, face-to-face studying made this impossible, and to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to learning in front of a computer. I was delighted to learn that we would go on virtual field trips and even have guests visit us. Art is a passion of mine, and hearing about other people’s experiences only added to my enthusiasm.

Angelina and Alexis, thank you for making my Junior year so enjoyable. I appreciate all of your efforts on behalf of me and my class.

Yours Respectfully,
Abigail D.
Fairfax High School
Ms. Kim’s AP Art Class